Our Success Prospers with the Success of our Society.

We take our commitment to our society very seriously.

We thrive by taking the right steps towards achieving a sustainable future – for our partners, our clients, our community and most importantly our planet.


At Traffik360, we are believers that businesses have a responsibility to contribute positively on the world by making sustainable efforts. That’s why we have made it our mission to become leaders in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Our CSR and sustainability philosophy is built on three main pillars:

Reducing our carbon footprint, by implementing sustainable practices throughout our operations.

Promoting ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that our supply chain is transparent and responsible.

Supporting the communities, where we operate promoting ethical sourcing practices.

We believe that CSR is an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world and contribute to the well-being of society. We recognize that it extends beyond mere compliance with regulations or the mitigation of negative effects.

By incorporating sustainable practices into our business operations, we can minimize our impact on the environment, conserve natural resources, and promote a healthier planet.

To achieve these goals, we have embarked on a number of initiatives that entail adopting innovative technologies, processes, and materials that reduce waste, energy consumption, and emissions.


As a part of our social responsibility, we aim to encourage every brand to take sustainable choices. To achieve this, Traffik360 has launched a sustainable e-commerce shop called Expodited. At Expodited, we are firm believers that sustainability can go a long way to keep your business successful in the long term.

This daughter brand is our digital store that offers a wide range of sustainable products which are of high quality, used to promote our clients’ brands and help them remain environmentally conscious. Our services also include sustainable products for exhibitions and quick & timely deliveries for all orders.


is to provide our diversified partners with great-quality, environmentally conscious sustainable promotional merchandise, respecting their brand DNA and ambitions.


is to bring the world one step closer to achieving sustainability.


are environmental consciousness, quality, innovation and quick delivery.



We are Always looking

for ways to make difference.

Our CSR and sustainability efforts are a part of our core values, and we are proud of the positive impact we are making in the world.

If you would like to learn more about our CSR and sustainability initiatives, or if you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please feel free to reach out to us.