POSM Displays

Start implementing POSM displays into your advertising strategy to showcase your product more uniquely and competitively.

What are

Share them with your staff, clients, new and returning customers, and distribute them at tradeshows and events to promote your brand. POSM Displays.

Point of Sales Materials, or in short: POSM is a form of advertising that communicates your brand message at the point of sales and purchase, increasing brand awareness, memorability, and conversions. It also helps with merchandising and allows companies to control where their products are advertised and displayed.

The most demanded

POSM displays are not limited to one type of category. Since you can display your brand advertisement in multiple places and multiple sizes and types, POSM displays seem to be a great option to promote your brand and product in physical stores. Some POSM displays that you can use to advertise your brand can be.

Brand shelves

If a customer walks by an aisle in a supermarket and sees a shelf branded and filled with a specific product, this is what we call a brand shelf. Brand shelves are a great way to differentiate yourself from other products and brands that sell similar products. A brand shelf makes your product speak to the customers. Branded shelves will make you more noticeable and impact the customer’s purchase decisions.


A booth or kiosk helps raise your brand awareness and have customers engage with your company more directly. If a customer is walking in a mall or a supermarket and they see your company’s booth, it will make your brand more memorable to the customer. This will also affect their decision-making during their point of sale. Booths are designed with your brand identity and image, which increases your competitive advantage.


Standees are easy to use and accessible if your company is looking to advertise the brand and product. They are usually placed at the entrance of a store and even next to booths.


Here are some of the POSM displays that we worked on to give you a better understanding of what we will do for you.

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